Runway Information:

B2 Classification
Length: 6,000ft
Width: 75ft
Weight Limit: 12,500lbs
Elevation: 6966ft
TPA: 7800ft
Left Hand Traffic Pattern
Runway Direction: 16-34
Automatic Weather & PAPI LIghts: 122.8 -5x

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Airport Amenities:

Self Serve Fuel: 100 LL & JETA
No lounge available
Courtesy Car

Most hotels are willing to pick pilots up and take them back to the airport. Please visit the "Visitors" page of this website for a list of hotels.

For questions, call the Monticello City Office:435.587.2271



City Offices: 435-587-3720

Monticello City Offices, 17 N 100 E Monticello, UT 84535

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