Monticello, Utah

Since 2009

The Youth Banner Project

The Youth Banner Project is a collaboration by The Monticello High School Art Department and The City Parks & Beautification Committee. Funding mainly comes from donations, grants & fundraising efforts. The street Pole Banners are created from student artwork grades 7-12. This is not a contest. Every student who finishes his/her project gets a banner displayed upon street lamp posts on highway 191 & highway 491 in Monticello. Started in 2014, this project is a colorful addition to the streets of Monticello with over 100 new original pieces of art yearly! Students have become connected to their community throughout the expression and celebration of their creativity.

The new 2016 Youth Street Banners are scheduled to be put up by the end of July. The 2015 Student Banner Art is for Sale (the top & bottom pole slip loops will be removed, the banner art is then attached to wood at the top and bottom and is ready to hang on a wall/fence/ etc.). If you are interested in purchasing any, contact The City Office @ 587-2271. Each art piece is $30. All proceeds go toward Parks & Beautification projects.

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