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Direct Deposit Agreement

By submitting this form, I hereby authorize the City of Monticello and the financial institution named on the application to automatically deposit my net pay to my account (this includes my authorization to you to reverse any entries made in error). This authority will remain in effect until I give written notice to my payroll department.

New Hire Step 1

I-9 Electronic Form

W-4 Electronic Form

Safety Manual pdf.

Marketplace Health Ins. Form.pdf  

Uniform Glossary (Full Time Only)

PEHP Notice 2016-17 (Full Time Only)

Health Plan 2016-17 (Full Time Only)

Credible Coverage (Full Time Only)

Life Ins. (Full Time Only)


Criminal History-Background Check

By signing below, I authorize the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) to access and review state and federal criminal history record and make reasonable efforts to determine whether I have been convicted of, or are under pending indictment for, a crime that bears upon my fitness to be employed or volunteer for a position of trust over children, vulnerable adults or persons with disabilities and convey that determination to the qualified entity. Utah BCI shall make reasonable efforts to respond to the inquiry within 15 business days.

Safety Manual Acknowledgement

As an employee of the City of Monticello, I recognize my responsibility to support the City's Safety policies. I understand that strict observance of safety policies is necessary to prevent accidents, and I will do everything I can to follow the safety program of the City. I will spend the time given me by my supervisor for safety training to learn what I can do to perform my assigned tasks in the safest manner possible.

By signing below, I acknowledge my responsibility for becoming familiar with the contents of the Safety Manual. I understand that I will not be required to do work that I feel is unsafe or is in violation of Federal, State, County, City, or Department regulations. I understand that I am responsible for assisting in detection and correction of unsafe conditions, and for informing my supervisor immediately of any hazards beyond my ability to correct.

Personnel Policy 


I accept responsibility for informing myself of the Personnel Policies set by the City of Monticello. I further understand and agree that my employment with the City of Monticello is terminable at-will; that either myself or the City of Monticello may terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason; and, that I have not been grandted employment of fixed duration.


 1.         GENERAL POLICY.  It is the policy of Monticello City that:

 A.        The giving or withholding of tangible job benefits based on the granting of sexual favors (Quid Pro Quo) and any behavior or conduct of a sexual/gender/race based nature which is demeaning, ridiculing or derisive and results in a hostile abusive or unwelcome work environment constitutes sexual harassment. 

B.        Unlawful discrimination/harassment of employees of any type, on or off duty, based on sex/gender/race, subtle or otherwise, shall not be tolerated and violators will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. 

C.        Retaliation or reprisals are prohibited against any employee who opposes a forbidden practice, has filed a charge, testified, assisted or participated in any manner in an investigative proceeding or hearing under this policy. 

D.        False or bad faith claims regarding harassment shall result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination, against the accuser. 

E.         Employees accused of harassment and facing disciplinary action shall be entitled to receive notice of charges, the evidence to be used against them, and an opportunity to respond before any disciplinary action may be taken.

 F.         Records and proceedings of harassment claims, investigations, or resolutions are confidential and shall be maintained separate and apart from the employee's personnel file.

 G.        All employees, supervisors and management personnel shall receive training on the sexual/gender/race harassment policy and grievance procedures during orientation and in-service training.

I understand the complete Harrasment policy of the City of Monticello can be found in the Personnel Policy Manual. I also understand that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and if I witness this type of behavior I will report it to my supervisor or HR Director immediately.

Employee Signature/Safety, Background Check Waiver, Personnel Policy, Harrassment Policy Acknowledgement

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